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Certification's Cheeky Chappie

Certification's Cheeky Chappie

Having joined TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) in the summer of 2019, Richard Turner, a Company Certification Officer, had no idea what the next 17 months would entail. While still learning his new role, the world was hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and Richard had a brand new set of problems to solve and processes to learn. Despite the trials of 2020, Richard has maintained his sense of humour and reputation amongst the TWI CL team as a source of levity and joie de vivre. Sought out by both colleagues and customers alike, Richard is a go-to, not only for help and assistance with certification issues, but also as a point of good cheer in what was a difficult year for everyone.

Dealing with the difficulties is not a problem for Richard, who tackles them "head on" with help from his "great team". These challenges come in many different shapes and sizes, due to the varied nature of the role of a Company Certification Officer, from project management and customer liaison to the review and application of standards in the certification process. With his usual cheeky grin and self-depreciating humour, Richard has handled the difficulties of working remotely while continuing to manage the day-to-day pressures that come with the demanding workload of his role. For Richard though, these tests are manageable thanks to the "fantastic people" he works with (who are his favorite thing about TWI CL) and the fact that he can say he works for a "multinational company with an outstanding reputation".

Staying true to his nature, when asked 'what is the question you get asked most often,' he jokingly replies that it is, "how did [he] get such an amazing blend of charisma and knowledge?" On a more serious note, he tells us that a regular question is also about the certification process; what a company has to to do to be come certified. To Richard, certification is important as it is a "mark of quality and competence" and that everyone should "gain it and renew it." For him, answering peoples' questions about the certification process is not a problem, as he is helping them achieve something that is important and recognised within the industry.

Unsurprisingly, when Richard isn't working, he can be found watching or playing sports, and socialising with friends. Oh, and his most memorable moment at TWI CL? When he was raising money for charity and decided to dress up "as a banana for Halloween!"

More information about the range of certification available from TWI CL can be found here.

If you would lie to start your certification journey and gain one of the certifications available through Company Certification, please contact us.